Why Travel and Trek With Us

Why travel and perform a trek with us (Nepal New Generation Trek and Adventure P. Ltd.?

We are a fully licensed and registered travel and trekking company by the Government of Nepal, which aims to establish and provide the best service to the traveler and hiker in the travel and trade sector in Nepal (Himalayan country) Our team consists of young professionals experienced in the field of mountain trekking and expedition organization, who have been involved in the field of travels for almost 20 years We organize trekking and adventure activities in Nepal, trips to Tibet, Bhutan and India We believe in the quality of a personalized service, and we offer a wide variety of hikes that will suit everyone, we can tailor a route to meet your needs and your walking ability. you must book your trip with us! In addition, you will find below, more details about this

Well-trained and qualified staff:

 All the staff who will accompany you during your trip are fully qualified; the reference guide is licensed by the Nepalese Government. All our guides are very well trained and have very high level skills, especially for anything related to high altitude health problems or environmental protection. Our expedition leaders have excellent knowledge of the Nepalese environment, traditional culture, customs, local beliefs and standards. Our professional and experienced guides will take care of the myriad of details inherent to the trip, ensuring that everything goes well and that everyone is fully satisfied
Our guides speak fluent English, German, Spanish, French and Japanese and we will select the most appropriate guide to the wishes of our customers. But their priority is always, and above all, to ensure the safety, hygiene and good health of our client.


Health is paramount to every human being, and our duty is to ensure the safety of our hikers and staff throughout our travels. All our guides have received special training in first aid and crisis management. In the rare case or accident would occur during the trip, they are able to arrange a quick medical evacuation. We always bring with us, on all our travels, a first aid kit readily available to clients and staff, but we recommend you bring the medications you may need because they are not necessarily accessible in Nepal. We are in constant communication with our operations center in Kathmandu, which allows us to be informed of new government regulations and weather conditions that may affect your trip. In addition, we are always available 24 hours a day on an emergency phone line. During difficult or remote hikes, where the nearest village would take a very long walk, our staff has a mobile phone / satellite (not necessary on the most popular routes) for communication and in case of helicopter rescue. emergency, but the client must be certain that his insurance covers this type of intervention.

Guaranteed service and quality:

All our hikes are organized to guarantee excellent services, and we have an excellent record of satisfaction from the clientele; this continued success has led us to expand our range of services. In addition to classic treks, we can also provide the client with short hikes, advanced climbing, expeditions, jungle safaris, eco-trekking, cultural tours, guided tours, and much more. educational tours, study tours, hotel reservations, mountain flights, but we can also issue plane tickets, bus tickets and more.

Responsible Tourism:

It is customary to say, "With greater power comes greater responsibility." We are well aware that when we walk on foreign soil, we must respect its cultural values and social norms. the last thing we want to do is offend the locals with our irresponsible activities.To be respectful of the beliefs and customs of the local people, we must try to protect them while trying to help the communities we visit in their lifestyles. In addition, we must try to keep ecological and environmental factors in mind. For more information, you can visit the responsible tourism page.

Stress free travel:

We have done all the planning for you! Our team and our agency managers have found the best places to eat, sleep and visit the main points of interest. Perfectly qualified, our guides will share their knowledge of the places you visit, and facilitate access to places you could not visit yourself. So sit back, relax and enjoy the moment, after all, you're on vacation.


We can offer decent accommodation for all budgets and have good relationships with 5, 4, 3 and 2 star hotel managers, luxury hotels, tourist class hotels, and small cozy guest houses in both big cities and rural areas. Our goal is to offer you a quality accommodation, or you will feel at home away from home, but that will meet your wishes and your budget.

Food and Hygiene:

During camping hikes, expeditions and safaris, we always offer you fresh, organic, hygienically prepared food that will be served to you by our private cooks. You can have wonderful international dishes, ranging from Italian, Mexican, Indian and other European foods. But we can also offer you typical dishes of Nepal! We always use purified water to wash vegetables and fruits, and to wash dishes and glasses. During high altitude hikes, we will make sure to provide you with appropriate food to prevent altitude sickness and provide you with a healthy diet. Drinks include Nepali tea, coffee or hot chocolate


We have good equipment for camping hiking which includes down sleeping bags, jackets, tents, mattresses and cooking utensils, but for those who wish to hike on the basis of accommodation in local hostels and hotels, we recommend that they bring their own sleeping bags and clothing or rent them in Kathmandu.

Competitive, fair and fixed prices:

Our prices are extremely competitive. We insist on reducing administrative costs and advertising in order to avoid integrating them into our prices. We have also been able to maintain good relations with them. Our prices are the same for everyone. There are no hidden costs and no commission.

Concerned about the environment:

We conduct Eco-tours and friendly visits, and we do our utmost to prevent activities that directly harm nature and cultural heritage. Our guides are very sensitive to the preservation of the regional environment and they all receive regular training on this subject from national authorities and national and international NGOs and all other environmental preservation organizations.

Social Work:

Your visit is used to finance national tourism. We also try to find new itineraries of original hikes, to provide the training of the carriers who will accompany you, to ensure them in case of dangers, to give them a better education, to make them aware of the health and environmental problems and let us help tourists facing health problems or other unforeseen problems,

Everyone's attention:

Holidays can be long or short depending on the time available for each guest. We offer a wide variety of activities to suit all types of clients based on their age, interest and level of experience. And we make every effort to respond to your request. But not all the answers to your questions are on the website. For more information about this and to give us the chance to help you, please contact Nepal New Generation Trek and Adventure P. Ltd.

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