Adventure in Nepal

Adventure in Nepal "

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Adventure travel is one of the fastest growing but least understood forms of international tourism. Nepal is one among the best destinations in the world for adventure tourism which offers an excess of outdoor activities from Paragliding near the mountains to waiting for the Bengal tiger in the dense forest of Chitwan. The history of adventure tourism in Nepal starts from the early attempts to ascend world’s highest peak Mt. Everest some about five decades ago. The role of Adventure Tourism in the economic development of remote areas and its impact on local community, economy, and the environment are not fully figured out, even though adventure tourism has been adopted enthusiastically by many countries like Nepal. Here we are not to analyze the impact of adventure tourism in Nepal but we believe that adventure travel will bring many positive impacts on Nepal's national economy, indigenous populations, tourism industry, and conservation development. With its steady growth, adventure tourism in Nepal will play an increasingly important role for national and local development in the frontier areas.